Thursday, March 15, 2007

You tube videos

You tube is starting to amass some good videos on Ashtanga yoga. Two I enjoyed in particular are described below.
There is a short video (with subtitles) of Sri Patthabi Jois speaking on yoga. In this he gives some insights into yoga. He talks of yoga as being an internal exercise which leads to internal cleansing. He emphasises the need to practice asana regularly, 95% practice and 5% theory. Breathing techniques are mentioned. In particular the need to keep the time of the inhalation and exhalation the same length.
This a good opportunity to see the guru speak and hear those words of wisdom direct from the mouth.
The other displays some aesthetic video clips in the outdoors of various sequences from the Ashtanga series. Worth a look.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Have Westerners Killed Yoga?

Patanjali's Sutras contain 195 aphorisms. The physical practices are mentioned in very few of them. I found 15 aphorisms that contained references to the physical practices.
That leaves 180 aphorisms that talk about the rest of the practice of yoga.
References are made to yoga being taught one on one with the yoga master teaching the student.
When I see yoga classes in many Western studios I see crowded classes of twenty or more. The classes tend to be led classes of asana practice.
How does this fit with the sutras?
The Sutras and Sri Patthabi Jois both say that the physical practice is necessary for the practice of yoga. ("Do your practice and all is coming").
But the sutras also mention that yoga begins with the first limb, being the yamas. Specifically to take care of others and practice service.
How many of us do this?
How many classes are just gymnastic classes that make the student feel good?

Where can I practise yoga in Hawkes Bay?

There are many mysore classes held in Hawkes Bay. Take your pick
Brian's Classes:
Monday Taradale
Wednesday Napier,
Thursday Hastings. All at 5:30 PM.
Saturday self practice in Napier From 7:30AM
Brian 068420510, 0210612594
Shelley and Keri's Class:
Havelock North
Monday at 5PM,
Shelley 8778419, Keri 8750512
Linda's Class
Havelock North
Thursday 5:30
06 877 4684

March Workshop

Ashtanga yoga in Hawkes Bay received another boost with a workshop conducted by Peter. We had great numbers on every day with a good combination of locals and out of towners. Participants came from as far away as Tauranga, Wellington and Gisborne. This attendance testifies to the popularity of Peter and the quality of his workshops.
Thanks to Body Fusion for providing a great venue for this workshop.

Friday, March 2, 2007


Peter Sanson will hold a workshop at Easter in the Gisborne Yoga rooms. Peter has studied and taught Ashtanga Yoga extensively over the past 18 years. His workshops provide a perfect spot for rejuvenating or developing your yoga practice.

Classes are suitable for beginners and students may do one or more sessions.

Friday 1600 - 1800
Saturday 1000 -1200
Sunday 0900 - 1100
Monday 0900 - 1100

Cost is $20 per class or $80 for the entire workshop
Contact Gill 06 8672973

I hope I will see you there!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Om Symbol

We gathered for our Hawkes Bay Teacher's meeting last Friday. When I say "we" there was a whole three of us. There are are 17 teachers who are interested in meeting and all were busy except for us three. Kirsten had to rush off so that left Jenny and myself. Now Jenny had turned up because she was going to share some research on the Om Symbol. This was great because it meant I was the benificiary of what she had put together. And very interesting it was too.Each part of the symbol has a meaning. It can be used as a metaphor for the yoga process going from a dream state to transcendence.
The symbol/sound stands for supreme truth, representing creation. It is the primal sound; the cosmic vibration of the universe.In chanting "om" we quieten the senses, improve focus and connect the consciousness to higher truth .
Jenny had a lot more information but, as they say, you had to be there.